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Don’t bring it. Don’t spread it. Don’t catch it.


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Don’t Bring It.

Don’t Spread It.

Don’t Catch It.

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The Platinum Subscription Package was created to help you open as efficiently as possible with everything you need, one-on-one guidance, and weekly resources.

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“Making the PIVOT at United Sign to build Face Shields was a hurdle we had to work through quickly. The overwhelming challenge was making our workplace a safe and productive environment for our staff and customers under the COVID-19 operational guidelines.

The assessment tools and workflow gap analysis that the MARKED SAFE TEAM led us through has empowered our staff in not only how to operate safely under these guidelines but has also given them the comfort and confidence that they can come to work each day knowing we are operating with best in class safety procedures.”

Tim Fielding

Chief Operating Officer, United Sign

“Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic there has never been a more important time to maintain our customers’ trust that we will remediate their pest problem and preserve the safety of their home or working environment. We need solutions to keep our workforce healthy and confident in their execution of daily tasks.

We are excited to have started upon a program with Marked Safe, aimed at creating a consistent approach across our team to keep working at the leading edge of the low touch economy. Our customers and staff will have confidence with the results of this program and our business will be better for it.”

Andrew Wheelock

Owner (NS), Truly Nolen, Skedaddle

“When COVID-19 hit, we quickly implemented a successful work-from-home process. We focused on servicing clients, meeting payroll and supporting our staff. When it came time to re-open to the public, we faced the challenge of understanding best practices of operating smoothly while meeting the government guidelines.

It was a relief to rely on Marked Safe to help us. They quickly did an audit of our workplace, developed our plan and provided the necessary signage. My staff and my clients now have peace of mind that we are a safe environment and I can rest assured that our office is in compliance with all government guidelines.”

Sheila J. Cameron

Q.C., Partner, Tandem Law

A Leader In The Industry

Marked Safe is a sister company of Symplicity Designs.

Over the last decade, we have helped over 400 organizations create effective and efficient workspaces to support scaling their business. In almost every case, we helped organizations understand the importance of safety culture to their customers, employees, and ultimately profitability. As the world shifts to a new way of business, legislation creates new requirements and it’s up to the owners to learn how to manage. As a result of that, we started Marked Safe to help owners build the operational plan required for them to operate safely.

About Us

Marked Safe exists to provide customer, employee, and community confidence in workplace health and safety practices. We want to eliminate the spread of contagions from the workplace. We cannot control the virus, and so it can’t truly be eliminated, but we can use best practices to influence its impact within businesses in our community.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, we provide a turnkey solution for business owners to open their doors again with an Operational Plan and continue to improve their business safety solutions.

Don’t bring it, don’t spread it, don’t catch it are the guiding principles that have helped us develop a simple and effective set of tools for business owners so they can get back to doing what they know best – running their business.

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